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From early experiences in dentistry, Dr. Weisman became aware that patients were often called upon to make “informed decisions” about their mouth without really having an appropriate level of understanding.  The issue was not that dentists did not want to inform their patients, but rather dentists had to decide which and how much information was enough. It is IMPOSSIBLE for dentists to give their patients all of their collective knowledge.  Another reality is that not all patients would enjoy too many details and too many decisions.  This is how the idea of an educational website first popped into Dr. Weisman’s mind.


After the COVID-19 pandemic prompted new guidelines as to how dental practices could safely re-open, Dr. Weisman became frustrated that it was difficult to use his array of models to educate his patients.   Dr. Weisman is a strong proponent that people are intelligent and that people learn best with a combination of verbal and visual components.  Passing models back and forth and letting patients use electric toothbrushes on model teeth became an logistical inconvenience with COVID cautions.   This is what eventually led Dr. Weisman to take action to establish this website in order to help his patients.    Once the ball got rolling, it was clear that this should be a website from which all patients around the country and potentially around the world might benefit.


As the scope of the site began to increase, so did the expenses.  Dr. Weisman came to the realization that the site would need to produce revenue to keep it growing, changing, relevant and sustainable.  He hopes that it will be a resource for people long after he is gone and will see tremendous changes in dentistry that he could only dream of.

 the video about gum disease and oral hygiene is what started it all and I call this the most valuable information that you can have about your dental health.


Finally, please share this website with those that you care about.   Not only could it benefit them


Wishing you the best,


Jonathan Weisman, DDS





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